Oooops kind of forgot to publish this internship outfit recap! But here we go! 😀

Outfit #1
Clothes & Dreams: Outfit Recap: Internship #2: Bershka cardigan, H&M jeans, River Woods boots
I was wearing my suuuuper fluffy Bershka cardigan. H&M jeans and River Woods boots. The day before this outfit, on Sunday, I had to wait for the train for 15min and I was so incredibly cold I decided to wear this fluffy cardigan the next day. I haven’t regret it at all! This cardigan definitely beat 5 degrees Celsius!

Outfit #2
Clothes & Dreams: Outfit Recap: Internship #2: Pimkie floral top, H&M black cardigan
I was wearing a Pimkie top and a H&M cardigan. I look incredibly tired. I haven’t slept well all week and it seemed as if I slept less and less each night. Thursday was the worst night because I got stuck on the train for three hours because someone had passed the railroad crossing when the boom barriers were already lowered (without getting hit). The train operator then brake (????????) because he thaught (???) he had hit a person so the security __________ were activated. It then took us three hours to get moving again. It was so exhausting to wait without anything to do. This weekend is all about sleeping now!

Outfit #3

Clothes & Dreams: Outfit Recap: Internship #2: Bershka top with front zip, H&M jeans, Pull & Bear boots
I was wearing a Bershka top with front zipper, H&M jeans again and Pull & Bear boots. I loooove wearing my new boots! Pity they get dirty this easily though.

Outfit #4

Clothes & Dreams: Outfit Recap: Internship #2: H&M blouse, H&M jeans, Pull & Bear boots

I was wearing a H&M blouse, H&M jeans and Pull & Bear boots. Yap, I’ve been wearing those boots a looot! 😀

I’ve been posting very little of my latest internship outfits because my room was too messy… And since I was so busy with my thesis when I got home from my internship, I wasn’t feeling like cleaning everything up for the pictures…But now my internship is finished real outfit pics will arrive soon enough! 😀

xo Noor

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