Sorry for my lack of posting, but because of the exams I don’t go shopping, not even online, nor do I have time to take outfit pics. It’s been a busy semester and the exams reflect that perfectly. My favourite passtime during the exams is making collages of what I would wear if I would go outside. This is an example of how that would look like:
Statement Ring

As you may know I love baby blue garmets lately. If I could I would wear it every day in as many as forms as possible! Take for example this baby blue blazer from New Look would be perfectly paired with a white blouse like this from Armani. 
Lately I’ve been wearing more accessories such as rings and bracelets, while I used to forget to put them on since forever. This white gold ring with an aquamarine diamond, found at Invaluable, an online auction site selling vintage jewelry, is so beautiful! I would never forget to wear this one! 😀 
I’ve been eyeing mules a lot lately: they’re just perfect for Spring and Summer and sooo refined! This pair is from Jeffrey Campbell and of course in baby blue. (;
I used to buy only bags which could fit A4 for school reasons, but the five months in the next semester will be filled with two months of internship, two months with only two hours of class a week and a thesis to write and a month of exams, so no need to buy those anymore! A satchel like this one from Opening Ceremony would be perfect: not as big as I used to have, nor too small and sooo adorable!

I might be going over the top with the baby blue hues in this outfit, but when wearing black trainers and gray sweaters for the last three weeks, one would really want to wear more colourful things. Baby blue to the rescue!

xo Noor

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