I believe your nails are an important part of your image. Clean, polished nails leave a better impression than nails with dirt underneath them, right? That’s why I wanted nail art to be part of my blog too: I believe they can make an outfit help to stand out even more or simply stand out because of the nail art. That’s why I treat my nails the best I can. In Winter this is even more important because the cold makes me put on the central heating, which leaves the air in my room drier and thus makes my nails need more hydration. Let’s have a look at which products I then use!

I like my nails as long as possible, but when they are shorter they are less prone to breaking so I file them every now and then. I always use a glass file because the cardboard files only seem to damage my nails more. Mine is from Kiko, but other nail brands such as OPI sell them too.


Next thing I do is put on some Nail Serum from Hema, a Dutch drugstore. It moisturises my nails and helps them to get stronger so they’ll break less. When I wear nail polish I can’t use this because it needs to be put on clean nails, but on the day in between painting my nails I always put this on before sleeping.


A product I use daily regardless if my nails are painted or not is cuticle oil. The one I use is also from Hema, but nearly every nail care range has them, such as Julep and OPI. They leave the cuticles soft and moisturised which is essential to have good, healthy nails.
In January I always have exams, so I don’t have time to paint my nails. This actually is the perfect moment to treat them the best I can: the only thing I do is studying, so any residue on my nails is completely acceptable. The nail serum would otherwise be a danger for my clothes because I would most certainly be able to leave some green nail serum on them, but now I just sit still at my desk so no worries! 😀
My exams finish on Monday and already I am thinking about which colour to paint my nails. So far  burgundy like Julep’s Anisa has won: there’s just something so chic and celebratory about it. 😀
 What is your nail care routine?
xo Noor

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