Happy New Year everyone! A new year calls for new resolutions. Last year I had good intentions, but I couldn’t keep up with them. This year I’m more motivated to fulfil these dreams, so let’s hope I’ll fulfil them by the end of 2015!

1. Make a road trip
I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip to France, but I also wanted to discover unknown and farther places. Since my boyf and I aren’t regular drivers, we discovered the unknown and farther places first by plane while practising driving every now and then for some years. Last year in Croatia we rented a car so we could drive around the coast. This actually went very well, so maybe this year we might try a road trip instead.

2. Rekindle old friendships

I’m horrible in setting up meetings with friends. We have to make monthly arrangements to meet or people have to set up meetings with me, because otherwise I just don’t see anyone. Liking their pics on Facebook just isn’t the same as meeting people to keep in touch, so I’m gonna find time in my busy schedule to meet them.

3. Live sugar free

I’ve tried going through cold turkey and stop eating refined sugar immediately, but this just doesn’t work for me. I’m eating less refined sugar at this moment and I’m planning to eat even close to nothing. They’re just junk to your body.

4. Work out at least twice a week
I feel so lazy since I injured my knee and can’t run anymore, so I’ll try to find alternative ways to work out. Let’s see if Youtube can help me with this one…

5. Fly in a hot air balloon
On Summer evenings I love watching hot air balloons in the sky and hopefully I’ll be in one myself this year!

6. Do the splits
This may actually seem really weird, but I really want to do the splits this year. I used to be quite flexible as a kid, without any training or so, but I lost this ability along the road. Actually I just want to become more flexible, and doing the splits is a very tangible way of setting this goal.

7. Learn to sewn

Every time I buy something, whether that be on or offline, there’s something that isn’t right: the shoulder straps are too long in 99% of the cases or it’s too wide on the sides, etc. I can’t go to a seamstress every time for these small modifications because it would cost me half a fortune, so I want to learn to sewn so I can do this myself.

7 is a lucky number so I’ll limit my dreams to this. I have so many other dreams, but in my study breaks I decided to cut them down to 7 because I knew I would never be able to fulfil all of them. I made a mixture of one-time dreams and through-the-year dreams. Perfect way to keep up with my resolutions since  I won’t have to think about all seven constantly. 

Do you have any resolutions?

Xo Noor

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