Some weeks ago, when the cold hit Belgium a bit and I felt like my Converse sneakers would not keep me safe from the lowering temperatures, I decided to shop some new boots. I own several pairs of boots, but they all have a heel and since my knee still hasn’t healed completely I had to buy boots without heels. I must say I succeeded quite well.
Clothes & Dreams: These boots are made for walking (shoplog): Black knee-high River Woods boots and brown River Woods boots

Both pairs are from River Woods. I went to a chain selling different brands of shoes and I ended up buying two pairs from the same brand by accident. It wasn’t the first time I bought River Woods shoes and it definitely won’t be the last neither!
Clothes & Dreams: These boots are made for walking (shoplog): Brown River Woods boots
The brown pair is the pair I’ve worn the most lately, which you can clearly see on the shoes. Guess to which pair I was referring to in the title of this post. (;
I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since I bough them. You could say they’re almost glued to my feet! You could aready see me wearing these in my latest OOTD, Coat Weather.
Clothes & Dreams: These boots are made for walking (shoplog): Black knee-high River Woods boots
This black knee-high pair I might actually start wearing soon. To me it seems like the perfect pair to wear in cold Winter months and since it’s started to get quite cold lately, I might wear them any time soon.
I’m so happy with my two pair of boots. Funny to think my knees were the perfect reason to go hunting for the perfect pair of boots. Well at least something good has come from his inconvenience.. (;
Xo Noor

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