A while ago I bought this gradient topcoat from Catrice. It serves as a coloured topcoat which you can put on any bright nail polish you want and then it will make your base coat a tint darker. Sounds really cool, right?! I’ve tried to make a gradient across my hand before, but I never had the right polishes that would do the trick. But now that problem is solved! 😀



This is how the base colour (mixed with some glitter) looks like compared to the darkest ‘gradiented’ nail.

I used Catrice’s 160 Sweets For My Sweets, which is the first Catrice polish I ever bought. Four years later it’s become quite unusable, so this will have been the last time I used it. It was the perfect bright pink colour ever, though. 
The ombre top coat is appropriately called 01 Colour of Change.
The glitters I used, but that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of, are Catrice’s 45 Kitch Me If You Can. Gosh, how I love the polish’s names! 😀
The thumb has no layers of this ombre top coat, the index finger has one, the middle finger has two, the ring finger has three and the pinkie has four. The effect is really subtle, but still really cool. I will use this one a whole lot more, that’s sure!
The bow you can see above my index finger is a nail ring from Bershka, which you will see in a shoplog very soon, so stay tuned! 😀

xo Noor

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