Being three days in Paris of course also asks for some shopping time. I had made a wish list and in the end I succeeded in buying or visiting every item or shop I wanted to! 😀 Since the friend I went visiting knew the city very well I only had to give her the addresses of the shops and she planned when we would go where. This way we passed the shopping street and the shop I wanted to go most on the first day. Most damage was thus done on that first day. :p

These macarons were actually bought on the last day, but they were the most typical Paris thing I’ve bought. 😀 All of my other acquisitions were bought on the first day.

We started by doing a small cultural tour and when visiting the Louvre, we passed a cute shop where I saw a cute perfume dispenser. I just couldn’t resist buying it! 😀 When walking around in the shop I also noticed a cute lens case, so I bought that one too. I’m such a sucker for cute gadgets! :p
Then we went to Stradivarius, a shop which was on my wish list. I’ve known this shop for years now and I’ve always loved their clothes, but it was a bit troublesome to get there since they don’t have a shop in Belgium. As a kid I would go to Lille, France every now and then because they had other shops than in Belgium, and that’s how I got to know the brand. Eventually when going to Antwerp we had to sit a longer time on the train, but to get to Lille I didn’t have such a good train connection as to go to Ghent (no change of trains, only 25min, yay!) so I usually chose to go to Ghent. :p But when knowing I would visit Paris, this shop went on my wish list in no time! 😀


I bought this brown bag because I didn’t have one in which my binders for school could fit. I also bought a pale blue knit but I haven’t succeeded in picturing the colour right, but you’ll see that one passing by for sure!
Another shop which was on my wish list was Kiko. I didn’t know the brand until I saw a review on The Polished Cats of the product I eventually would buy there, the 30 Days Extension Serum. In the shop I found this product and with it some other products too. I’m not such a makeup lover; foundation and everything are not my cup of tea, but this brand really has a bit of everything for everyone. 😀


3 nail lacquers (of course :p): 238, 295 and 335.

A nail file in glass.

30 Days Extension Serum.

Double Touch Lipstick in 112. Says to last up to 10 hours, will test this soon!

After all I think I’ve been quite a good girl to my bank account. :p It certainly helped that we were visiting a friend and were not on a city/shopping trip. I did also spend money on food and drinks, because that friend I visited really knew the cool spots! 😀

Any thoughts on my new stuff? 😀

xo Noor

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  1. Ik ook! Heb alleen gemerkt dat hij niet zo handig is.. Als er teveel in zit kan de sluiting van dat zijvakje het niet aan en valt hij daar open, waardoor heel die tas scheef valt.. En weinig in steken lukt echt niet in mijn geval :p xo

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