To get nail art inspiration I mostly browse Pinterest. I’ve tried to reproduce some examples, but every time they turned out to be not exactly what I had in mind, i.e. the source of inspiration. After several of those fails, I decided to use that inspiration in a different way: using bits and pieces of several sources to make my own piece of inspiration. Or well, that is always what I try to do. :p Problem with taking bits and pieces to make your own piece is that it is hard to find the source back. Feel free to take a look at my nail art inspiration board at Pinterest to guess which nail arts might have inspired me to make this nail art. (;


Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: gradient and tape: full nail art

For this nail art I started off with a white base, for which I used Hema’s white nail polish which I have been using several times (for example in my Snow White Nails‘ nail art). I then made a pink gradient using Catrice’s 160 “Sweets For My Sweets”, which is just the sweetest pink colour I have ever seen! Pity it’s almost empty though… And of course no longer available on their site too… Ah well, at least I’ve used in on several nice designs! 😀 When all of the paint was completely dry, I put some regular tape at the sides of my nails and filled the middle with the same white nail polish that I used for the base. I was kind of in a hurry (had to put on top coat in the car) so the white stripes are not as alike as they should have been, but I’m quite pleased with the result! 😀


You could also see this nail art in my last OOTD, in which I talked about my visit to Bruges. That trip was two weeks ago, and since then I’ve started studying again. Since I didn’t pass some exams in January, I have to retake them in August. I now spend quite some time in the library again so I don’t have time to update the blog (again…) (I don’t even have time to paint my nails! The horror!). The good part is that I’ll end my exams quite early because they take place quite close together (even though that is partly not that good too), so I’ll get back to you in no time! 😀 In the meantime you can enjoy yourself with other posts on my blog. (;

xo Noor
p.s. Any thoughts on the nail art? 😀

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