When I first saw this ASOS bag, I immediately fell in love with it. However, the price tag attached to it kept me from buying it. 35 euro for a bag might not seem much money for some people, but to me it was a little bit too much. I also deleted it from my saved list, because I knew I was gonna buy it otherwise! :p But then the ASOS sales arrived… Guess I don’t need to explain what happened next. 😀
Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Bruges with my new bag: accessories

Bag: ASOS (c/o Shopcade). Sunglasses: H&M. Earrings: Little shop in Croatia. Necklace: Little shop at Grand Canyon. Watch: Daniel Wellington. Bracelet: Kruidvat.

This is the ASOS Cross Body Bag In Weave With Front Zip:


The day I received it my boyfriend and I decided to go to Bruges for an afternoon and of course I had to wear it. I kept my outfit very simple so the bag is the centre piece. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Bruges with my new bag: full outfit

It was really crowdy on the streets and we didn’t have that much time to search a nice place to take some pics (we had -another- barbecue afterwards :p) so we took the pics at the parking. :p

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Bruges with my new bag: nail art

I was just bored and playing with some tools and this is the result. I’ll be doing a post on this nail art soon so stay tuned! 😀

xo Noor

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