Since yesterday was such good weather, we decided to have a barbecue. I decided to wear the dress I bought on my latest shopping trip to Antwerp and my beloved Toms.


Clothes and Dreams: OOTD: Barbeque weather: white floral sundress

Sundress: Forever 21
This sundress has a floral print that is exactly how I want it: around but not overwhelmingly much.


Clothes and Dreams: OOTD: Barbeque weather: full outfit


Clothes and Dreams: OOTD: Barbeque weather: From where I stand
Shoes: TOMS
Luckily it does not show but I’ve worn my TOMS that much that my left shoe has a hole in it. Oops. :p


Clothes and Dreams: OOTD: Barbeque weather: Ear Cuff
Ear cuff: H&M

As a study break during my exams I took some time to put my accessories in order and I’ve found my ear cuff again! 😀 I love ear cuffs because they can be a real eye catcher.

Clothes and Dreams: OOTD: Barbeque weather: White ring
Ring: Iam
I love wearing this ring, even though I tend to wear smaller rings lately, but I couldn’t find my smaller rings. Because I’m changing school next year, I’ll have to move to another city that is one hour away from the one I’m studying at now. In between my two apartment contracts there’s a gap of three weeks, so we’re emptying my apartment now because I’ll have to study around the end of my present contract and won’t have time to move all of my stuff at that moment. Due to moving all of my stuff homeward again I temporarily lost most of my rings in the moving boxes so I just picked up the first white ring I saw. :p


Tonight I’m having barbecue again, but this time the Brazilian version, yay! I’ve lived in Brazil for a year as an exchange student four years ago and together with some other Belgian exchange students who went to Brazil in the same year I still eat out together in a Brazilian restaurant in Brussels every six months. Delicious food and great company, always a good recipe for a great evening! 😀

xo Noor

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