Today’s NOTD is inspired by a tutorial from Elfi at Glam At Heart. It’s super easy, super fun and super cool! 😀 Oh and this post will be super short because I have to get ready to go to a barbecue, YAY! 😀
NOTD: NOTD: wiped off streaks: Nail art result with blue nail polish

First I’ve painted my thumb, forefinger and pink in a bright blue from Catrice and my middle finger and ring finger in a white polish from Hema. Then I took two other blue polishes, wiped almost all of the polish of the brush (using the sides of the bottle of the polish and some paper on which I then ‘painted’ the last remainders of polish on the brush) and then I painted my nails. The polish does not cover well, resulting in a nail art of this kind. 

When I saw this tutorial on Elfi’s Instagram, I immediately had to try this out and this is the result! 😀 I actually wanted to write this post last Wednesday, but life intervened and I got incredibly busy. Today my polish started chipping, so I decided to recreate this nail art, since it is so easy and nice, but with pink colours.

NOTD: NOTD: wiped off streaks: Nail art result with pink polish
I also love how this nail art will always turn out differently. 😀
xo Noor

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