We’re the first of the month again, so I’m gonna update you on my dreams. I’m a little more motivated for them since a month ago, but I think I’m gonna change the theme of my dreams again. Let’s first give you an update on my monthly dreams and then I’ll explain.

– Take six OOTD in one month. Ooooops, I took only two OOTD’s this month, and both of them were taken towards the end of the month. Of course you have to keep in mind that I’ve spent two weeks inside studying during the Easter holidays, but still, I could have made more OOTD’s.

– Improve my running pace. I did run more, but sometimes I ran faster than other times… I couldn’t exactly know what my running pace was, but yesterday my running watch came in the mail, so hopefully I’ll be able to measure this starting from next week.

Even though I only had two dreams this month, I still couldn’t fulfil them. If you lack enthusiasm, it’s hard to push your limits. So instead I’m gonna focus on my yearly dreams instead and give a monthly update on them. Here they are so far:

1) Think positive. This one might be a success towards the end of the year since I’m doing the 100 Happy Days tag on my private Instagram after I’ve found more information about it on Eline‘s blog. I’m at day ten now and so far I haven’t missed a day and always found something that made me happy, even if I stayed in the whole day because a paper was due to the next day and all that made me happy were blueberries. I am really trying to succeed in this tag, because I believe it will help me to become happier. Notice my enthusiasm?! 😀

2) Pick one new thing to do each month. Heeeeeh four months have passed since NYE and still I haven’t done anything new. This month I will finish writing a bachelor paper, that’s something new, isn’t it? :p

3) Reach 25.000 views on Blogger  + reach 150 Bloglovin’ lovers
I have reached 10.900 views on Blogger and 75 Bloglovin’ lovers so far, so I’m coming to get that goal!

4) Stop eating sugar. Difficult one with Easter and tons of chocolate this month, but I still have eight months to go, right?

And here I want to add a fifth yearly goal: I want to run a marathon. A year ago I had this crazy idea with three other friends to run the marathon of New York. This of course was a plan on the long term, but when two weeks ago we got back on the subject, one of my friends said there is going to be a marathon in September and I was like: “we could run that!” I convinced my friends and now we are going to run the In Flanders Field marathon in September. Tuesday we are gonna start training with a beginner’s schedule and hopefully we’ll be able to finish him too! 😀
I really have no idea why I always want to actually carry out the craziest ideas, but that’s what makes life fun, right? 😀

I hope you’ll like the new format of the dreamy part of my blog :p

xo Noor

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