Yesterday I was wearing my new Bershka top, which you could already see here. I haven’t regret buying it because it’s so easy to pair and the colour is just amazing! 😀 I’ve work it several times since buying it, and this was how I wore it yesterday.

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: I've got the blues: Outfit with H&M blazer

Yep, that H&M blazer again. (Here and here) It’s perfect to pair with almost everything in my closet. Perks of buying especially blue clothing. Oh you are gonna love my new shoes (shoplog online soon) and hopefully my new skirt too, but that one still has to arrive. They are both blue. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: I've got the blues: Full outfit without blazer

This black bag is my favourite at this moment. I’ve bought it the last time I went to Antwerp, at Forever21. I had been looking for a black bag that was able to hold my stuff for class, so at least A4 size, for aaaages. And then I stumbled upon this nice and simple one. Mission accomplished I would say. 😀 The jacket is from Zara and it’s in my closet for at least three years. It’s actually time I buy another blue jacket, but it wouldn’t be the same. The fabric is really thin, not woven as you find them in every shop. Nope, I just can’t say goodbye. :p

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: I've got the blues: Forever21 black bag with strap

I love the strap at the sides. Makes it less just another black bag. 😀

So, this was my simple outfit for now. It took me two weeks to make another OOTD, especially because of work for school, a.k.a. bachelor paper. I have to hand him in on Friday, I will be so extremely happy when that’s done!! 😀 But then I’m gonna have to start studying for my exams, so the busy period is not over any time soon. Better prepare for a quieter time on this blog. (;

Have a nice weekend!

xo Noor

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