I’ve finally used the new stamping plates I bought on eBay I told you a while ago. I also told you I had no idea why I had bought them because the result is never that good. I might want to change my opinion about that.

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Stamped Aztec: stamping plate template and base nail art colour. Panda phone cover

Here you can see in which colour I had painted my nails before putting on the print and which stamping plate I used. 
Oh and you can also see my phone cover. Yes, I have a panda buddy/phone cover! 😀

I didn’t have high hopes for this template because I have had some bad plates before, but this one actually worked very well! 

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Stamped Aztec: full nail art

Of course the result isn’t perfect because it’s been over a year I had used templates for the last time, but overall I’m happy with it. 😀 As you can see I started the print a little too high on my thumb and the ring finger got a little smudged, but that’s part of its charm. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Stamped Aztec: details of nail art

Here’s a detail of the print. It’s a really cool Aztec print. I used a darker blue on the light blue because I wasn’t completely sure about the print because Aztec is not my favourite print actually, but it turned out quite cool. 😀 I’m thinking about trying a gradient effect with another print of my plate, which actually shows how well the result turned out: otherwise I would’ve already condemned the plate to the trash bin. :p

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Stamped Aztec: stamping plate template after use (scratched)

As you can see the plate suffered quite a lot from removing excessive nail paint from it, unfortunately. I hope this doesn’t affect the print too much, because it would be a shame to be able to use this print only twice… We’ll see!

Have you ever used stamping plates in your nail art?

xo Noor

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