I finally found some time to do another manicure. As you could read in my last blog post I finally finished my bachelor paper, so I rewarded myself with a new nail art. Since I haven’t used any neon nail polish ever, I really wanted to use one for this NOTD. I chose this gorgeous pink polish by L’Apogee, a polish which was a present from a Brazilian friend last summer. ^^
Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Filled neon triangle: neon pink nail polish L'Apogee Maria Menina cremoso

 L’Apogee Maria Menina cremoso
I got my inspiration from the mani swap from One Nail to Rule Them All. Alice recreated a manicure from Dahlia Nails, which I then tried to recreate. I have no idea how thin her brush was, but mine seems to be not as precise as hers, even though the brush was the thinnest I have. :p 
Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Filled neon triangle: nail art
And these neon triangles filled with black polish are the result! 😀 I’m quite happy with it, but I do like my other hand more. Especially because it’s easier and quite impossible to go wrong. I haven’t taken any pictures of my other hand, but if you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen that my thumb has the dotted variant. Easy peasy, less time consuming and equally pretty, win win win! 😀

BTW, this coconut water with pineapple flavour is addictive! I’ve loved coconut water ever since living for a year in Brazil, and this coconut water in a package comes pretty close to what I’ve tasted there. Well, at least at the start, before the pineapple aftertaste comes up. :p But it’s really delicious! 😀
See those shoes on the background? Yup, that are my new palm tree printed sneakers from Sacha I’m wearing! 😀

xo Noor

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