Exam period is the worst period regarding my bank account. I simply become happy when buying something pretty and I become euphoric when I buy something pretty in the exam period. Last week I wasn’t studying yet since I had to hand in my 10.000 words long paper yesterday and I worked the last three weeks non-stop on it. It’s handed in now, so I’m kind of relieved and I hooooope it’s been worth the stress! 😀 Sooooo when last week I was doing some virtual window shopping I stumbled across this skirt:


Clothes & Dreams: New skirt with cool message :D: Textile Federation Prysmatic Sky skirt

Skirt: Textile Federation
I immediately loved the print, so, well, as you can see: I ordered the skirt. 😀 The brand is Textile Federation, a brand I did not know at all before. They give the chance to designers to participate in Textile Federation’s design projects. They have created a platform on which established and emerging designer can send in a design and then everyone can decide which design will be produced. I really like this idea! 😀
Now a closer and clearer look at the print. Pretty, huh?:D



The print makes me think of the sky with its clouds in different stages of the day. The print is called Prismatic Sky so I guess this view on the print might be right. :p Let me just show the message that came along with the skirt:



So this print has won a prize, which makes the skirt that little more special. 😀 (notice my enthusiasm? :p) I immediately wore it when I though the weather was well enough to get some tanning, but unfortunately I went inside after 5mins: just that liiiiiittle bit too cold. :p No outfit pics yet since I couldn’t find a matching top (the perks of having clothes at two places. NOT.) but I totally love this skirt and I’m surely gonna wear this a lot this summer: the material is light and actually comfy to wear. 😀 (< Yes, enthusiasm! :p)

Did you already know Textile Federation? 😀

xo Noor

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