Two weeks ago I spent an afternoon with some friends from school before going to class. (Be prepared, this is gonna be a long story, LOL!) We had lunch together and then wanted some delicious cupcakes, but unfortunately that cupcake shop was closed that day. So we ended up in a “pancake house” nearby the Sacha shop. After being filled with delicious pancakes, we decided to do a little shopping because we had some spare time and that’s when Sacha comes in. I saw a pair of awesome sneakers, but because I had already asked the shopkeeper two pairs of shoes in my size and my friends were not that interested in the shop, I decided to return another time. Two days later I got a mail from the Sacha shop saying I got a 20% discount on their webshop. My first thought? THIS IS A SIGN! Of course I immediately bought them and last week this arrived in the mail.


Clothes & Dreams: New palm tree printed shoes: Sacha webshop shoebox

And this is what was inside: Tropical sneakers.

Clothes & Dreams: New palm tree printed shoes: Sacha Tropical gympen


I’ve been drooling over the palm tree print for a while now, but I didn’t want it to be too much of it. This baby blue pair of sneakers with white palm trees on it is just perfect. Exotic, but not shouting ‘I AM A PALM TREE!” :p


Clothes & Dreams: New palm tree printed shoes: Sacha tropical gympen


I haven’t been wearing sneakers with such a thick sole in a while. Ever since I discovered the All Star sneakers with thinner sole, I started wearing such. So wearing sneakers with a thick sole actually makes me feel younger again. :p With this warmer weather this week (up to 28 degrees on Wednesday! Ö) I think I’ll prefer ballerina flats or sandals, but I’m surely gonna wear these an awful lot! 😀


Clothes & Dreams: New palm tree printed shoes: Sacha tropical gympen palmboomprint


Like the print as much as I do? 😀

xo Noor

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