Two weeks ago I walked the ground behind my house and I noticed the trees that stood there were in full bloom. Unfortunately there was nobody home to take a picture of me with them, so I decided to come back the week after that to take pictures hoping the blossoms wouldn’t have disappeared by then. Of course I forgot and when I came back there this weekend the blossoms were already gone. Nevertheless we took some pictures of my outfit with the not-so-much-in-bloom tree. :p

I was wearing my super awesome blazer from H&M which I bought two years ago and love every since. I can feel I’ll wear this blazer until it’s completely broken. Or till I lose it, but just hope this won’t happen since I love it so much. Underneath I was wearing a blouse I bought three years ago and which is getting a favourite again this year. It became an un-favourite after wearing it for a full year at least once every other week and now I’ve rediscovered why: comfy but still dressed up, a perfect combination! I was also wearing my super comfy shoes which I bought when I was in the US two years ago: my Toms. 

I saw a lot of people walking around with these shoes when we were in San Francisco and after reading about their One for One campaign (for every pair sold, they give one pair of shoes to someone in need of shoes), I knew I had to buy a pair. We only had an hour of shopping on our last day there, but with my goal in mind I ran in search of the perfect pair and luckily found it too. 😀 

I also wore the earrings I got from my boyfriend when we were in Croatia last summer. I loooove wearing them because it’s such a cool blue colour. 😀 And because they’re from my boyfriend, duh!

What do you think about my -once again- complete blue outfit? 😀

xo Noor

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