Ariel has never been my favourite Disney character; Snow White was. But since I’m into Disney characters as inspiration for nail arts and I’ve already done a Snow White one, I’m having mermaid on my nails right now.

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This colour, Catrice’s 490 Iron Mermaiden (gotta love those names, right?!), has been in my possession since a long time, but I never really was in the mood to use it. Quite a shame since the colour is special. As you can see it’s a purple metallic polish with a green shine. 

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Mermaid me: nail art with nail polish bottle

Here I turned my nails more towards the sun, which gave this result. The colour is somewhat “unpredictable” because it changes according to the light, but it’s really awesome! Second time in a row that I’m having only a plain nail polish on my nails, but some colour just are perfect on their own. 😀

I’ve been wearing my nails quite plain lately, well at least the last two weeks, and that’s only because I’ve been discovering amazing colours in my nail polish stash that just don’t need any decoration to be pretty. But I’m having an idea for next’s nail art, one that won’t be that plain. Stay tuned!

xo Noor

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