Last week was incredibly busy: I had to hand in an essay of 2000 words by Friday and at the start of the week I fell ill, so my writing schedule was reduced to a memory of my good intentions. Luckily I made it and I even succeeded in painting my nails on Friday while typing. That wasn’t a good plan, which you will see on the pictures, but at least I tried. Another thing I tried was my new nail pens from Primark, which you could read about here.

This is the result:

I used Ciaté sugar plum 080 and the glittery grey nail pen from Primark. 

I wanted to do something really simple with the pen, because I still had a lot of work for my paper, so I couldn’t focus on a difficult nail art, and I first tried zebra stripes, but those didn’t work out that well. So then I decided to switch for normal dots. I’ve made them into a diagonal design, which is a little less safe than the normal dots. Of course with an accent nail, which I always like. 😀
I could of course have used a dotting pen too, but I was just so eager to try the nail pens. And after all they are easier than dotting pens: you don’t have to put on new nail polish on the dotting pens, you just squeeze and place the dots without pausing. 😀

This was the base colour of my nail art. I really love the bright purple colour of Ciaté. But as you might see my index finger and my middle finger are a little damaged. Somehow, I must get under the keys of my computer’s keypad while typing, and this is the result. I’m gonna keep this in mind, since I still have a lot of typing to do until the 23th of May. Unfortunately.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and greetings from a 23-year old. (Yes, I’m 23 since yesterday! Whoop! :D)

xo Noor

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