In my latest post about my dreams you could read I wasn’t that motivated anymore. I’ve been thinking since then about my dreams and I’ve decided to change my year dreams and to spice my month dreams a little up.

First of all I want to change my year dreams.

– Reach 25.000 views on Blogger. In three days The fourth of April I will have my first blogoversary and two days ago I reached 10.000 views on Blogger. Since I haven’t been a good blogger the last year, I want to change that by putting a goal. I know it won’t be that easy: I’ve had a lot of help from some suspicious sources to reach that much views, but I will certainly try to expand my blog reach. 😀
– Reach 150 Bloglovin’ lovers. This one has to do with my first yearly dream. I have 63 followers after a year of blogging, so 150 should be peanuts, right?
– Stop eating sugar. I’ve already tried stop eating sugar, but that didn’t work out. Since three months I’m eating less sugar and now I’m gonna try to expand that to close to no sugar till the end of the year. This one will be hard, extremely hard, but I know this will be good for my body.

Then my monthly dreams.

– Take six OOTD in one month. Yes, that one again, just a little changed. Sometimes I don’t feel like taking OOTD’s, so two a week is a lot of OOTD’s, so that way I lost my motivation for that dream since I knew it would be impossible for me to keep that one up. Once a week is too little: a dream still has to push my boundary. 

– Improve my running pace. Starting from next week I’m gonna try to run as much as possible. With the warmer weather I’m totally into running again, so I’m gonna invest in a running watch to improve my running pace. This good weather makes me feel healthy! :DHopefully I’ll be able to keep up my motivation this time. But I feel like the good weather makes me want to get moving and be outside constantly! 😀

xo Noor

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