I have been buying some things on the internet lately. I really think I’m growing an addiction actually: it’s just too easy not to browse webshops and buy something with a click of the mouse. Luckily I’ve already learned to think before I put something in my basket and that way I’m happy with my latest purchases. 😀 
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Tangle Teezer, Casio and Barry M: collage of my purchases

First I want to show you something I’ve been wanting the whole Winter: a small brush. In Winter I love wearing scarves since I get easily cold. But those scarves always tangle my hair, so the whole Winter I just wanted a little brush I could put in my bag to comb my hair every time I put off my scarf. Then, around the end of 2013, I came across an article with the best products of the year from a certain blogger and guess what? The Tangle Teezer was between them. I remembered having thought about buying one before, but then I decided not to buy it because well, I didn’t really need it. But with all those tangles in my hair I suddenly needed one. And this is the result:
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Tangle Teezer, Casio and Barry M: Tangle Teezer

A Tangle Teezer with a golden look, the perfect size for my bag and so incredibly cool to carry around. 😀 Unfortunately it only arrived last week due to customs and now I’ve cut my hair, so it’s shorter and tangles less, but also the sun is coming out so I’m not wearing my thick scarves anymore. But still I carry this on in my bag like constantly. ^^

Around the time my Tangle Teezer arrived, I also received another package, but this time from Asos.com. In my blog post about my Alice in Wonderland nail art I told you that my white nail pen from Bornprettystore just stopped working like that and that I ordered one from Barry M. Well, that one arrived! 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Tangle Teezer, Casio and Barry M: Barry M nail art pen

Can’t wait to use this one in a nail art! Just still figuring out what I’ll be doing with my nails next though.

Since I was already ordering something on Asos, I decided to order a Casio watch that had been on my wishlist for a long time.

Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Tangle Teezer, Casio and Barry M: Casio watch

Isn’t it a beauty? I had expected it to be a little bigger, but in the end I loved it since I already own a big, golden watch. What I love about it is the simple design: I just don’t like watches that are too busy. I even thought my other watch was too busy because of the shiny, diamondlike things at the side. Luckily my friend convinced me it was a gorgeous watch! I’ll certainly wear this watch with as much joy as that other one, and as my Daniel Wellington watch. Hard to imagine I didn’t have any watches one year ago! 😀

Have you been shopping online lately? 😀

xo Noor

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