What I hate most about Winter is the lack of sun and warmth. But from this weekend onwards the Sun has been making up for her absence here in Belgium. And yours sincerely liked that a lot. Since I had to finish reading a book for school last weekend so I figured this would be the perfect moment to sit outside and read. Of course they had to trim the hedges the whole afternoon. Luckily the boyfriend told me he wanted to work for school outside that afternoon, so I joined him with my book. 😀 And of course I had to made him make some pictures of my outfit. (; 
Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: The return of the sun + my haircut: From where I stand

I was wearing my new shoes from Primark, which you could already hear me raving about in this shoplog. Ever since I’ve bought them, I’ve been wearing them. I wore it with a shirt because it was quite windy and chilly even though the sun was shining. 

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: The return of the sun + my haircut: full outfit
Do you notice the difference? I’ve had a haircut! 😀 Finally I’m returning to my good old bangs, which I’ve missed so extremely much! I had grown lazy in cutting them constantly and made them grow out, thinking I would be able to do a lot of thinks with clips and donuts and everything but in the end I just missed having something that covered my forehead (something I’ve had since I was 5 or something…) and I never really got used to it, so after two years of thinking about cutting bangs again, I did it. Well, I let it do, by a hairdressers that got recommended to me by a friend of mine. She recommended her after I had asked where she got her ombré. That’s right: this girl, who never in her entire life had painted her hair, took an ombré too. 
Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: The return of the sun + my haircut: bangs and ombre :D
It’s quite weird for me, but I’m happy I’ve done it: I’ve been talking about it for aaaages to my friends and if I wouldn’t have done it now, I would’ve never done it. Luckily there’s no stripe: the transition is not too abrupt. 😀 

This weekend will unfortunately be less sunny, but hopefully there will be more weekends like this: I really revive every time a ray of sun touches my skin! 😀

Happy weekend for tomorrow! 😀

xo Noor

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