I’m SO incredibly late with this update, but better late than never, right?

This month I didn’t feel like my goals were new or exciting because I’ve had most of them before. Guess I just had to build a routine for some things and now that they are a routine I want to keep up that routine by making them goals once more. Bad idea for the motivation. Let me just show it you by means of my goals for last month:

1) Sport 2 x / week
I think this one has been a goal ever since I’ve started my dreams on this blog. I practise some sport at least once a week, and if I’m lucky enough to have friends who are going with me a second time, I sport twice. It’s kind of a routine by now: me and some friends even have a facebook group on which we ask who want to come to an activity, for example yesterday a friend asked who wanted to go to the dance aerobics this evening. I was already planning to go, so that makes two of us and we just go. Routine. Habit. Actually no need to put this once more as a goal. 

2) At least 2 outfits a week
I still suck in doing this one. I’ve taken outfit pics on Saturday, but I still have to put them on the blog. Part two of this dream, “preferably one outfit outside” is still a looong way to go. Since I wasn’t that enthusiastic about my other dreams, I kind of forgot about this one too. 🙁

3) Get extreeeeme with nail art
The Alice in Wonderland nail art was rather cool, and the cotton candy one wasn’t that extreme, but the pink, leopard and pearls one was pretty awesome too 😀 This has actually become sort of a habit too, especially now that I’ve got so many awesome nail art stuff at my apartment 😀 So again: no need to put this as a goal next time. 

4) Eat a piece of fruit every day of the week
This one got triggered by the extreme good weather of this week: whenever it’s getting a little harder, I just want to eat loads and loads of fruit. It’s not a real habit, but I automatically do this one from now on. 
5) Leaving myself more time to get ready
This one is the only one I’ve paid attention to. It’s not yet a real habit, but still: I’m improving 😀
My yearly goals then are so less concrete, so I actually don’t pay that much attention to them either. Maybe I should put them on a post-it so I will see them every day and don’t forget them. 
I’m not gonna make dreams for this month; I’ll first think about what I can dream about next month. I’ll keep you posted (;

xo Noor

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