Alice in Wonderland is a story I will see and read at least once a year. So when I was thinking what I could do with my card game themed stickers, I decided to make a nail art around Alice, remembering a nail art I had seen on Pinterest a while ago. And even though my nail pen decided to stop working towards the end of my design, I’m so happy with the result 😀

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Tea time with Alice: tea cup and nail art Alice in Wonderland

I used Catrice 400 Blue Cara Ciao for the blue dress of Alice, Colorama cremoso intenso Batida de coco for her skirt and a white Joyme nail art pen from (that is already lying in the bin because it stopped working, just like that) for the lace of Alice’s skirt. I tested the only other nail art pen I got, a black one from Barry M, that after months without using it still worked, so I immediately bought the white one on Gosh I was pissed when that pen stopped working! Luckily you can only see on my pinky that I got some difficulties:

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Tea time with Alice: Alice in Wonderland nail art NOTD


The water decals I used were just perfect! They’re sized not too big, nor too small, and since they’re water decals you can easily change their position a little once they’re on your nails. When you use water decals you have to put the sticker for 20 seconds in water, then you have to put it on your wet nail and only when you’ve dabbed the water off your nail, the sticker will stick. So as long as your nail and your finger with which you’re applying the sticker are wet, you can quite easily change the placement of the sticker. Thank God they were not sticky stickers!

Any thoughts on my creation? Totally Alice in Wonderland or not at all?

xo Noor

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