I’m back, yaaaay! 😀 My exams finished ten days ago and immediately after that I went skiing with my family, so now I’m completely refreshed for the new semester! And for the new year too! To start I’ve got some dreams for this month and for this year. I know I’m late with my New Year’s resolutions, but hey: I had to focus on my exams in January instead of on my dreams.

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First I’m gonna start with my resolutions for this month:
1) Sport 2 x / week
After two months without sporting, except for the skiing holiday, beginning is always difficult. Luckily I know a lot of friends who love going to sports classes or who love running, so I just have to meet with them so that I’ll feel guilty when I’m not going :p

2) At least 2 outfits a week
And preferably one outfit outside. I’m still not liking the back grounds of my pictures taken inside, but moving outside where everybody watches you is strange for me. But now that it’s written down, I’ll just have to do this 😀

3) Get extreeeeme with nail art
I’m gonna take pictures of eeeeeverything nail art related that I’ve bought on Ebay since November and using these things, extreme nail arts won’t be a problem 😀

4) Eat a piece of fruit every day of the week (besides what’s inside my oatmeal)
This will be hard for me. Most of the time I forget this one, since I’m always rushing out the door to be on time for my class. Will have to try to figure something out with post-its or something :p

5) Leaving myself more time to get ready
This one has to do with the rushing in my fourth dream for this month: usually I’m thinking about getting ready half an hour before class starts, but then I find something to do and end up rushing outside the door just to get in time in my class. This bad habit has made me end up arriving in class sweaty (due to riding my bicycle up a hill), without contact lenses, etc., so from now on I’m gonna try to have a decent amount of time to get ready and to ride my bicycle at a slow pace. :p

So far my dreams for this month, now those for this year. 
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1) Pick one new thing to do each month
Every month I’ll try to do something new, such as sewing or practising a new sport etc. 

2) Walk more often
I’m studying in Ghent, a really nice city. I get to places with my bike, but I’m gonna try to walk more. Walking goes slower, but is also more relaxed because when riding my bike I tend to leave later and then I have to rush more etc. I know I don’t put a number on this one, so maybe I won’t do this as often as I intend to do right now, but it’s a start.

3) Think positive
I have noooo idea how and if I’m going to be able to show the progress for this dream, but I just want to remind myself that instead of looking at the bad things, I should focus on the good things. Another way to say this is “complain less” :p
Always look for the positive! 
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How are your New Year’s resolutions going? 😀

xo Noor

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