Around last November I discovered Ebay. I knew the site for quite some time, but I never really bought anything. Especially because I always searched in the Belgian site and I thought things were quite expensive. Until a friend of mine told how she bought things for only one dollar without shipping fees. I was still quite reluctant because I hadn’t found anything like that! But later that evening I remembered her telling she bought things in DOLLARS. And then I understood: dollars, not euros. American site, not Belgian site! And then a whole new world opened for me and this is what happened…

I started by buying some basic stuff: some pearls, some nail stickers, some studs. When all that was bought, I started ordering things I wasn’t planning to buy. I warn you: this post is quite long… 😀

All bought with user happyness8966
I had always wanted to try such foils, so I immediately bought four of them. I haven’t been using them YET, but I already have an idea how to use them: I think I’m gonna search for my old French manicure stickers and instead of a white tip, I’m gonna do a foiled tip 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: gold and silver foil
 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
I had something different in mind when I ordered this, but I believe I will be able to make something pretty with these little pieces of golden and silver foils. They’re a little “stubborn” so you can create a cool relief with it. You can get these quite cheaply if you search for “Nail Art Gold & Silver Foils” or something similar, and on auction they start from only 0.99 for 12 pots!

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: multicolour pearls
I have always loved pearls: I own twenty pairs of different earrings, bracelets, etc. So when I saw these little beauties I just had to buy them! I have a nail art in mind featuring these, so maybe you’ll see them passing by on my blog in a while 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: Tinkerbell nail stickers
 Bought at sassy-nailz
Aaaah, Tinkerbell! Who doesn’t love her?! The moment I saw these stickers I just had to have them! This shop has lovely stickers, which are a little more expensive than “basic” stickers, but the designs are really worth it! 😀

Bought at yasmin-silver
A friend of mine loves making nail arts with bows, so thanks to her I started loving them and, again, I just had to buy them as soon as I saw them! 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: hexametric glitters
I love glitters. They are a nice add to any nail art. I currently own quite some glitters, but hexametric glitters were still missing. Until now (;

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: moustache nail stickers
I loooove moustaches on nails! But unfortunately I can’t paint perfect ones, so these stickers are a lifesaver!

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: card game nail stickers
 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
When I saw these, I really wanted them a lot. But ever since they’ve arrived, I just can’t stop thinking “why for Christ’s sake did I buy this?”. I just have nooo idea why to use them because I never play cards or anything and another theme is quite impossible to make with those. We’ll see, maybe I’ll use these someday.

 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
I already own some templates and every time I use one I think it’s such a pain in the ass to use. The result is never how I want because the paint dried a little etc. So I have no idea why I got so enthusiastic when seeing these.

Bought at oaaoaabeads
Flowers are such beautiful things. So when I saw those, I just had to buy them. I’m really starting to sound repetitive, but that’s actually what I thought every time I saw something beautiful. :p These flowers are cool, but also quite big, so I think I will certainly get annoyed by them, if they don’t fall off first. I’m gonna put nail glue on my wish list when finishing writing this post. I really think I’ll need good glue for these little beauties. :p

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: golden mirror sticker for nail art
 Bought at 97k
I already have worn silver foils which made it look like as if I was wearing a bad mirror on my nails, which I had bought at Asos. I really loved the effect, so when I saw these golden ones I immediately bought them. When I received them they were folded in half, which I found a really weird way of dealing with these foils… Fortunately they aren’t damaged and I hope they’ll be as good as my silver ones.

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: human face nail art
Bought at mxctech
I really love these little faces, but I have noooo idea when to use them. But still I don’t regret buying them; they’re quite unseen before (well, at least to me) and I think I’ll find something to be able to use them.

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: zipper nail art sticker
  Bought at jewelryfindingshop
I looooove these zippers! I do believe it will be a little tricky to make the perfect separation between the zipped part and the underground, but we’ll see how it will become 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: neon studs nail art
 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
Some neon studs I’ve been wanting for a while. I now realise there’s not that many of them in the package, but I was too lazy to order every colour separately… :p

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: silver and golden studs nail art
 Bought at ddl20072008
 Of course I also had to buy some neutral studs 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: shell for nail art
 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
I fell in love with these shells as soon as I saw them! 😀 Beach themed nails anyone?

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: butterfly for nail art
 Bought at boxintheship004
 These are my precious ones from all of my purchases. 😀 This is also another reason I need that good nail glue because I really don’t want to lose one of those! They’re so pretty…

Clothes & Dreams: Ebay nail art shoplog: sliced candy fimo for nail art
 Bought at jewelryfindingshop
I looooove candy! That’s why I just had to buy these fimo slices. 😀 I own some fimo sticks, but I haaate cutting slices off because they always end up way too big. The slices in this wheel are really thin, just perfect 😀

I do regret some of my purchases, but overall I’m happy with what I’ve bought. Finally I can do some more extreme manicures. And now I also have more time to do those mani’s. Just wait and see! 😀
What do you think about my purchases? 😀

xo Noor

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0 thoughts on “Ebay nail art shoplog”

  1. Leuke aankopen ! De snorretjes vind ik echt te gek! En de nagel folies heb ik laatst ook een aantal besteld, maar ik wilde deze gaan gebruiken om mijn jurkje voor carnaval te versieren, haha. Als ik over heb ga ik het ook zeker op mijn nagels proberen.

  2. Dank je 😀 Oh wow, dat resultaat wil ik wel eens zien, zoals ik het me voorstel ziet het er supercool uit 😀 Heb de folies wel nog niet kunnen testen, of toch ÊÊn keer maar ze werkten niet omdat ik nog iets speciaals nodig heb, jammergenoeg…

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