In case you didn’t know yet: I’m having exams. But instead of moaning about it once more, I’ll show you today the positive side of having exams: self-rewards. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Self-rewarding feels so good! New rings

On Wednesday I had my first exam and afterwards I had to go to a supermarket to pick up some food. Since I felt like I had deserved it, I decided to go to a mall with a supermarket and to do a little shopping besides that. I came home with a gorgeous pink glitter nail polish (Catrice 45 Kitch Me If You Can) and five rings from H&M. 

Clothes & Dreams: Self-rewarding feels so good! Nail art glitters Catrice

I do own the base coat, Catrice 790 The Pinky And The Brain, for a while now, and I thought it would be the perfect base for my new glitter polish. I put the glitters only at the sides of my nails, except for the pinkie where I’ve put the glitters all over it. Gosh how I long to be able to make real nail arts again! Less than a month and I can go wild again, whoot!

Clothes & Dreams: Self-rewarding feels so good! New rings H&M

These are two of the rings from my H&M ring package. I just loooove the big black one: so simple but so sophisticated!

Clothes & Dreams: Self-rewarding feels so good! New ring H&M

A side-view of another black ring from the package.

I’m so happy with my acquisitions! On Friday I had another exam and I really had to keep myself from buying anything because the bank account was noticing my exam splurges. Even though I found out about In Love With Fashion’s 10£ shop I succeeded! *proud* 😀

If you’re having exams, do you also have the urge to spend money? Or am I really the only one, a.k.a. someone who’s only looking for excuses to spend money?  :p

xo Noor

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