I cannot stand the cold at all. I’ve spent one year in the northeast of Brazil and since then I’m unable to function properly in the cold. Mood goes down, I stay in the whole day, no sports, … Really horrible! And right now it’s not even that cold.. :p But when it was colder, some weeks ago, I really needed to stay warm… And since I didn’t have that much warm jumpers, I went on a mission. And I’ve found this gorgeous one. It’s got everything: it’s warm, it’s striped and it’s ombre. What’s not to love, right? 😀
Clothes & Dreams: New in: Jumper. Striped. Ombre. LOVE: detail of outfit

This New Look jumper is so comfy and warm and ahhhh, I’m in love! I love wearing it, but unfortunately it’s a little too warm to wear him now: I don’t want to sweat to death when I’m climbing the hill with my bicycle in the morning to go to a cosy warm, but not so warm that I can sit in my top only library. But I’ll be prepared when the cold weather will come!
Clothes & Dreams: New in: Jumper. Striped. Ombre. LOVE: outfit

I’ve paired it with a black pants and black sneakers, since I can’t walk around in my noisy shoes. I should really invest in a not noisy pair of boots… Probably in a year from now when I’ll be walking in that library again I’ll think: “why didn’t I buy a pair then?!” :p
Clothes & Dreams: New in: Jumper. Striped. Ombre. LOVE: shirt Primark
And I wore this Primark top underneath it. Love the lace details 😀

If you hadn’t noticed yet: yes, I’m wearing my glasses. Always when I’m studying since I’m always late to go to the library and I’m like “aaaah, nobody needs to see me with my lenses in, I’m like studying. I don’t need to look good while studying. Besides, it makes me look smart, which is a nice thing in exam period because it makes me think I’m a good student.” LOL, wishful thinking.
I had my first exam today, BTW. It went okay, but we’ll see about the result. I don’t like being optimistic because it could make me sadder when I’ll get my results… That’s the only moment I’m not optimistic, though. But enough about this exam; it’s passed, on to the next one on Friday. An oral exam in Italian, that will be fun!

Have you bought a new jumper this Winter? Or didn’t you have to?

xo Noor

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