Whooot, finally a blog post in 2014!! I haven’t been feeling like writing because I had so much on my mind (exams, remember). And besides that, a lot to do too: partying, visiting family, visiting the boyfriend’s family, eating, studying, even more studying… So far, 2014 has been quite great! To celebrate this new year, what better way to show you how I ended the last one? I’ll show you by means of the word of the year 2013 here in Belgium: a selfie.

Clothes & Dreams: First blog post of 2014!: outfit

I was wearing a beautiful Jovonna London dress, which I bought in the Asos sales for 70% off. Buying something in sale is always an immensely good feeling 😀 However, the days before NYE when I was thinking about this dress I was like “It’s asymmetric, it’s got a zipper at the front and it’s got two panels in floral print. Sounds like a weird dress. Why the hell will I be wearing that?!”, but then I looked at it again and those thoughts vanished as snow for the sun. Great dress to wear, comfy and I got lots of compliments too. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: First blog post of 2014!: outfit

And here another picture. I cut my friend off, usually I stand a little bit straighter :p

I had an awesome NYE, filled with my boyfriend, friends, pizza, fire works and laughter. I haven’t been laughing that much in weeks, blame you, exams/studying! It was good seeing most of the group of friends again, since all of us are so busy studying or working during the year so that it’s extremely hard to get all of us together. But on NYE we did quite a good job: we went into 2014 with 14 (which sounds cool too!), while last years we usually were only 8 or something. And on an average meeting we are around 15, but some celebrate NYE since years with other friends and stick to that tradition.
On New Years day then I visited my grandparents, together with some of my aunts and uncles and after that I visited my boyfriend’s family. It was a day filled with great people, if you ask me.
And then I had to start studying again…Within a month I’m done with my ten exams, and I’m looking SO extremely forward to that!

So this was my first post of 2014. Hope you also had a great start of the new year and I wish you a year filled with lots of love and happiness. And if you’re having exams just like me: good luck and we can do this. Yes, we can! (I actually wrote this down on a post-it and put it on the wall in front of me so I’ll see those words every time I’m losing my concentration :p Just some random remark, my life’s filled with those in the exams :p ) It’s about time that those exams are over, I just can’t stop talking/moaning about it all day :p

See ya later, alligator!
xo Noor

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