Sometimes I have this idea in my mind and in the end I end up with something compleeeetely different. This time I was planning to make a red nail art, topped with some white decorations made with stamping plates from Essence. I switched to lilac because well… I was more in the mood for that colour eventually, and because I had lost my normal top coat, I decided to top it with a sparkling top coat. That top coat made it quite hard to stamp something cool without ruining the sparkles (I tried this, didn’t work out at all…), so I just kept it that way. Quite a change of mood if you ask me :p

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Sparkling lilac: nail art

Aaaand this is the result! 😀

The sparkles are really cute: they’re reddish when you look at it directly, but when you turn your nails a little, the sparkles turn yellowish. It’s quite impossible (well at least for me with my equipment :p) to take a picture of the yellowish sparkles, but you can see it a little in the following two pictures:
Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Sparkling lilac: nail art colour changes

I you look close you can see that one part is reddish, and the other part is more yellowish :p

And these are the things I’ve used: (for once I’ve kept it extreeeeemely simple!

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Sparkling lilac: nail polish used Essence nail art special effect topper - Catrice Lucky in Lilac
Essence nail art special effect! topper 08 night in vegas, Catrice 130 Lucky In Lilac.

I’m planning on keeping it as simple as these the following weeks due to studying and exams. It’s gonna be quite hard this time, since I’ve never had this many exams in one exam period so I’m gonna focus quite a lot on my exams and less on the blog, I’m sorry. A student’s life can be quite hard when one wants to spend the whole day writing about funnier things haha :p

So, what do you think about my nail art? 😀

xo Noor

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