While I was studying for my Shakespeare class the other day, I read a quote from him from “The Merchant of Venice” and which you can read in the title of this blog post. This quote perfectly matches my current nail polish. A sand colour with one nail popping out with a lot of glitters 😀

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Not all that glitters is gold Nail art

 Catrice 450 Sand Francisco. Essence colour&go 94 gold fever.

When I’m not in the mood for a real cool nail art, I usually simply add glitters. And when I’m really lazy or not in a real glittery mood I only add them to one nail. I actually love how that accentuated nail will pop. 

With the exams that are on its way I’ll probably stick to such nail arts for the following six weeks, unfortunately. But afterwards I’ll bring to my apartment a box filled with nail art goodies which I wisely kept at home instead of at my apartment to reduce the temptation to make really awesome nail art designs during the exams :p 
Just to make you curious, these are the packages that will be in the box:

Who wouldn’t love coming home to this after a week of hard studying?:D #asos #ebay pic.twitter.com/XinKOcrSdl
— Noor Clothes&Dreams (@ClothesandDream) December 7, 2013

Doesn’t help much, lol :p But I can already warn you: I’m gonna go crazy with these things! 😀 The Asos bag did contain my dress for Christmas eve btw 😀
What do you prefer; an even colour, even with one accentuated nail or a full nail art?

xo Noor

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