When I received a gift card from Shopcade to spend on Asos a month ago, I didn’t have to wonder much how to spend it. I had this top in mind that had been for a month on my saved list, which is an incredible long time for me: most of the time I let it there two weeks and then I get bored of it and remove it. Or it gets out of stock. Which is always a sad moment. 
But not this time!

Clothes & Dreams: New in: Asos ombre top, top and jacket
Top: Asos, here. Jacket: Zara.

I bought this particular top quite immediately after I had received the gift card and since then I’ve worn it several times. When it arrived I was quite disappointed because the tissue was totally different than I had expected, but as soon as I had put it on I loved it! And that’s also the reason why I’ve worn it several times since then. 😀

Clothes & Dreams: New in: Asos ombre top outfit, OOTD

BTW, This thing about a sold out item in a saved items list. Happened to me just now again when I checked my saved items. Apparently a dress from Motel Rocks is sold out since I last looked at it. Oh well, I received another dress yesterday, so I’m quite dress-satisfied at this moment. (That dress is at the sewers since today, so you’ll have to wait some three weeks to see it. But it’s gorgeous! :D)

What do you think about the ombre trend? 😀

xo Noor

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