I was planning on publishing this post on Tuesday, but the Belgian railways made me travel a full hour longer so by the time I got home, it was time to get dressed for the family gathering. So instead of wishing you all a merry Christmas, I’ll just hope you had a wonderful Christmas 😀 What I actually love most about Christmas is being together with my family and that family that opens my presents 😀 The rest of the night I’ve spent eating and playing a board game which was so much fun we played until 3 o’clock. The next day I had to be at my boyfriend’s home at 12 o’clock. Since I normally go to bed at 11 o’clock because of the exams, I was kind of tired… But I still managed to win a board game against my boyfriend too! 😀
Since I couldn’t get a Christmas tree in my apartment and I wasn’t much at home to decorate one there, I’ll have to get into the Christmas spirit by my clothes. Two days ago I looked in my closet and I saw that apparently I have a Christmas jumper! 😀 I had tooootally forgotten I had bought that one last year. Wearing him two days in a row, Monday and Tuesday, since well, I won’t be able to wear him that much for the rest of the year… Except when it will snow, perfect blending with the snowy background then 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Christmas spirit: OOTD outfit

Hope you had a lot of Christmas fun too, and that you have been wearing an awesome Christmas jumper too :p

xo Noor

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