Second update for this month.. Wow, November is FLYING! Which also means that exams are approaching. Curse you, Time! But let’s go on with today’s work: tell my readers how my dreams are going. And I’m so happy to announce that they’re going very well 😀 Let’s have a look!

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
Lalalala I’m dancing through this dream 😀 I’ve practised sport every week once, which is extremely well for my habits, and I found several people who love going to the sessions with me, so when one person can’t make it, I always find others to go with me. And if they all can make it, we just go together, yay! 😀 So glad I finally found a way to practise sport. When trying to run on a weekly base, I just couldn’t find the power to go outside and start running. But this weekly schedule with strict hours is just perfect for me 😀

2. Rush less.
Haha I’m still rushing a lot, but -be extremely amazed now, because this is.. well, amazing to me- I even had time to put on liquid eyeliner. Say what?! 😀 Normally, if I start preparing my bags and everything to go to class, I can put in my lenses. Sometimes I can apply mascara, and this week I could even apply liquid eyeliner. Haha I’m so incredibly proud of myself! :p May sound crazy to anyone else, but then you’re a lucky girl who finds time to prepare herself properly :p

3. More OOTD’s
I’ve kept my promise from last week, right? 😀 And right now I’m also preparing one to be put online by tomorrow. Whoaw, I’m so being a good girl right now 😀

I’m happy that my dreams are coming true this month. I know they weren’t that phenomenal or anything, but to me they are big achievements. Of course there exist bigger achievements in my life, as for example passing all my exams in January, but for now these will do :p
Do you have any goals? Monthly or annual ones? 😀

xo Noor

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