When I came home Friday, there was a little cardboard envelope waiting for me. Since I had received a mail from Amazon that my package was to be delivered on Tuesday, I knew what was waiting for me at home and I got so excited when I returned home from a week in Ghent.
Clothes & Dreams: #Shoplog: Manhattan: lip colour & gloss

And there he was, this beauty, waiting to be used with much love :p

This lipgloss might not seem that special to you. Okay, the colour is pretty and there’s a separate gloss part, but what makes it that special? Well, this colour does not fade. At all. I tried this one three weeks ago, when going on a weekend trip with friends. One of these friends owned this lip stain, and everybody tried it on. When going to bed after some partying, no one had a faded lip colour, and no one actually succeeded in taking it off. When going to bed I had this brilliant idea to try to take it of with some waterproof eye makeup remover, which worked well for removing the lip colour, while some other people tried washing it off with some vaseline or other substances, and a few took it off, tearing their lips apart. I decided to buy this magical object too, since I hate it when I have to reapply lipstick constantly, but it was nowhere to be found in Belgium. Luckily the brand’s twitter page provided me with their Amazon shop so I could buy this gorgeous Lips2Last.

Clothes & Dreams: #Shoplog: Manhattan: lip colour & gloss
I’m planning on buying more of their colours, since the application is good, the colour stays so extremely long and because of that, it won’t end soon 😀

Just to show you how lasting this colour is, I’ll show you two pictures:

Clothes & Dreams: #Shoplog: Manhattan: lip colour & gloss after application
This picture was taken right after I applied the lip colour and the gloss. I really loooove this colour btw 😀
Clothes & Dreams: #Shoplog: Manhattan: lip colour & gloss after 7 hours of wearing
This picture was taken 7 hours later, without reapplication. Because it was already dark, I had to use flash with this one, and that’s the reason for the wither skin colour :p But just look how long this colour holds. Only the inside part of the mouth has let go a little bit of the colour, the lips still have their colour. They had to challenge innumerable kisses, French fries, a hot chocolate and a litre of water, but they survived! 😀 Lips2Last, so much truth in one name.

What do you think about the product? Do you also own a long-lasting lip stain?

xo Noor

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