I had promised this outfit quite a while ago, here. Since then I just didn’t find the time to wear this one, and when I did wear it, the lighting was terrible. But here are my outfit pictures at last! 😀
#OOTD: Half-floral crop top: watch, nail art, shoes, seen from above

I wore a crop top. Yes, in Autumn! 😀 I hadn’t expected it to be so easy to wear a crop top in Autumn, seriously. But if you think about it, the way I wear it is with a black top underneath it, so that’s actually an extra layer you’re wearing. Aha! 😀

#OOTD: Half-floral crop top: full outfit
Crop top: Primark. Skirt: H&M. Boots: Sacha. Watch (see first picture): Daniel Wellington.
And as you can see, it barely shows I’m wearing a top underneat it, since I’m wearing a high waisted skirt. These high waisted skirts from H&M are just heavenly: cheap skirt and super versatile!

#OOTD: Half-floral crop top: face, The Body Shop lipstick
Earrings: bought in a shop in Salvador Shopping, Brasil. 
I was also wearing my new lipstick I’ve bought at the Body Shop VIP Night, which you could already see in this post about the event. The colour is such a neutral pink with a little glitters and is great to wear. 
As you can see, the crop top has a floral print with parallel black stripes running through the print. Perfect for the darker times (it gets dark at 5PM here! :o) to still keep a little floral in the clothing 😀

#OOTD: Half-floral crop top: Sacha black boots
My new Sacha boots, yay! I’ve spent weeks trying to find a pair of black boots that wouldn’t come up to my knees, which looks fine with me when I’m wearing jeans, but looks horrible when I’m wearing a dress: I’m so tiny that you can only see a boot, then my knee, and then my dress. There’s not even room for a piece of my leg to be seen. So when I finally found these beauties that wouldn’t come up to my knees, I was beyond happiness! 😀

#OOTD: Half-floral crop top: collage

What do you think about my new crop top?

xo Noor

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