Yesterday my boyfriend and I had our annual “let’s go to the forest in Fall”- walk. The forest is so pretty during Fall, and there’s so little people wandering round the forest because of the cold, so if I had to choose a season to visit any forest, I would most definitely say Fall.

Clothes & Dreams: Fall forest happiness

I’m SOOOO happy! 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Fall forest outfit
Jumper: Stradivarius, Croatia. Jacket: Bershka (old!). Bag: Pull & Bear.

A closer look to my outfit. As it rained a little the last days, I had to be prepared for mud, hence the comfy boots.

Clothes & Dreams: Fall forest one with nature

If that sign wouldn’t have stood there, I would have become one with nature… (I’m a little bent forward, so if you think there’s something not right with the picture, that’s your explanation :p)

Clothes & Dreams: Fall forest statement zipper 
Clothes & Dreams: Fall forest statement zipper

Statement zippers, ahhhh LOVE! 😀

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Fall forest: collage of outfit

Or WOW this outfit on

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xo Noor

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