When I went to Primark two months ago, I bought myself two crop tops. The first crop tops I’ve ever bought and I had fallen in love so much that I decided to buy two. Crop tops were a little too flesh-showing in Summer for me, but in Autumn I can put a top underneath it, so it’s more likely I’ll be wearing them, I thought. And I’m quite right 😀

As seen from above:

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Classy crop top: as seen from above

As you can see I’m wearing my Daniel Wellington watch again. I have only two watches, and I try to wear both of them as much as possible, but I have those periods in which I prefer wearing my DW instead of my Champion, and right now I’m wearing my DW more. Here you can find an outfit with my Champion watch.

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Classy crop top:: outfit
 Crop top: Primark. Skirt: H&M. Boots: Sacha.

Picture turned out a little small, because I don’t have a photographer and I have to put up a whole construction in my room, featuring a chair, a box of oat and on top of that my camera. When I then take pictures, I never know if I’m standing in the right place or if the camera is pointing towards the right spot (the chair can turn around, and it always turns a little in the time I’m walking to the photograph spot, so I can only guess where is the best place to stand :p ) and this time I got so fed up with taking pictures, that I decided that the best picture was this one, after having cut off the messy things in my rooms. One day I’ll find my own photographer :p

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Classy crop top: hair-do hidden hair-tie pony tail wrap

My hair-do: a pony tail without hair-tie. Just kidding; the hair-tie is only hidden. The tutorial you can find here

So this is my full outfit:

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Classy crop top: collage

And thoughts? 😀

xo Noor

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