Yesterday I had this crazy idea about making a yin yang ombre. It didn’t work out as I wanted, so I removed everything. Today I was really sad my nails weren’t coloured so I decided to put on one of the colours I had used yesterday and which I hadn’t used for a while. The Ciaté Shaken, not stirred is a metallic pinkish purple colour, and incredibly beautiful! 

NOTD: Shaken, not stirred: paint pot

Of course I found the colour itself a little plain (which is not at all the fault of the colour, I’m just used to have more going on on my nails :p), so I topped it off with some glitters.

NOTD: Shaken, not stirred: Nail art
NOTD: Shaken, not stirred: Nail art detail

Any thoughts? 😀

xo Noor

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