I’ve been eager to test this nail magnet ever since I laid hands on it, and now is the time! I’ve just magnetised my last nail and I can already show you this nail art. Ain’t I a good blogger or what? :p

Clothes & Dreams: #NOTD: Magnetic stripes: magnetic nail polish and nail art magnet

As you can see on this picture, there are tiny lines on my nails. And for once in my nail painting lifetime they are parallel! It was quite funny seeing those little lines appear all by themselves, without having to estimate the space between the lines.

For this nail art I had to buy a magnetic nail polish and a nail art magnet, which I have purchased from essence. This is the magnet:

Clothes & Dreams: #NOTD: Magnetic stripes: Nail art magnet
I also have another magnet, which doesn’t surround the nail as seen on the first picture. The other one is easier since you can magnetise your other hand even when the nail that has to go into the magnet isn’t entirely dry yet.

Clothes & Dreams: #NOTD: Magnetic stripes: nail art magnetic nail polsih

And again a picture of my finished mani. As you may see my pinkie has a different pattern. Those vertical lines aren’t as clear as the horizontal ones, probably because of the space that is needed between the lines. And my pinkie doesn’t have that much space when comparing it to other nails. :p
I had fun doing this manicure. It finally became easy to “paint” parallel lines on my nails 😀 Yep, this was a good buy!

What do you think about those nail art magnets
xo Noor

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