I had to get my heels repaired. I ended up buying a new skirt. 
Story of my life: I go to one shop because I desperately need something / need to do something, and I end up buying something I don’t need / I didn’t plan on buying. I should really stop doing this, but truth is: I can’t help it. And end up with beauties like this skirt with an awesome asymmetric hem:

#NewIn: H&M Pencil skirt: skirt only

Nope, I’m not changing my shopping / repairing habits :p

So this is exactly what happened today: going to the shopping street to get my heels repaired, decided to walk around in some shops and end up with this gorgeous H&M skirt. Well, at least my stubbornness in refusing to learn something has brought me something beautiful 😀

#NewIn: H&M Pencil skirt: outfit
I decided to keep my upper body as neutral as possible to make the skirt pop out. Though the lines may not seem that visible from far, I also love the fact that they are in a different direction 😀 Gosh, it was love at first sight with this one, gotta love non-planned shopping trips 😀

My arms/hands were quite neutral too: simple ring (H&M), watch (Champion) and bare nails. Exactly, bare nails! I’m being lazy and I didn’t have time to put on a nail art. But there’s some beauties being shipped to my home right now and for sure you’ll see some pretty nail arts appearing then. Gosh, I’m so excited and hope they’ll arrive soon! 😀

What do you think about the skirt? 😀

xo Noor

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