From now on I’ll be posting my inspiration for the next week, in the form of collages. I tried doing this using my Pinterest inspiration, but I felt quite bad about it, because I was using pictures from other bloggers and most of the time those pictures got repinned from other sites and I couldn’t find back the original blog post, so I stopped doing that. Here are some collages for this week:
Sunday inspiration 17 November

A plain yellow dress, with dotted tights and Lita’s, because every girl should own a pair of those. Then a fake fur jacket and an oversized coat, just to play with fabrics. The watch is a Daniel Wellington, which I just loooove wearing everyday: plain, but sophisticated, so a go with every outfit! The hair-do for this outfit would be a bun.
Sunday inspiration 17 November
A tiered jeans worn with sophisticated boots, paired with a funny shirt (“What the fox say??”, love that video clip! 😀 ) and an oversized cardigan. To stay in the animal spirit: a leopard coat and a bear bobble beanie 😀

Sunday inspiration 17 November
This look is more monochrome. Again a tiered jeans, this time paired with a crop top and, again, an oversized cardigan. To keep the swinging feeling from the cardigan, I would pair this one with a swinging blazer. Again, I would wear this with a circle scarf, and again I would wear this with a beanie. Are you also seeing an addiction here? The hair would have a lovely bow in it, in black, of course.

I have to admit; I just loooove circle scarves! And beanies. If I could, I would buy twenty beanies. They are so easy to pair and they hide my hair from wind and rain and, probably in a month or so, from snow. Not that ideal when you’ve spent half an hour fixing the hair problems, but I prefer arriving at school with a dry head and normal hair than with a wet head and a messed up hair-do. 
So far my inspiration for next week, hope you’ve had fun reading and looking at my collages!

xo Noor

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