We’ve reached December, whoow! I’ve had a hectic November, with lots of work for school (which isn’t over yet, unfortunately) and almost no time to go shopping. The horror! It was so busy I kind of forgot about my dreams, so let’s have a look at the damage :p

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
As you could read ten days ago, I was very enthusiastic about this one. I still am, but I no longer go twice a week to the sports sessions. Last Monday I could go, but on Thursday non of my friends could go, so I didn’t go either. But I did succeed in this dream, so that’s good 😀 I already know I won’t be able to do this this month since I have to study for exams in January, so I’ll consider riding the way to school on my bicycle as sports :p

2. Rush less.
I had forgotten about this one. I did rush less because I had a complete time schedule set up, with some spare time to prepare for my classes, so I shouldn’t have to rush. But somehow there was always something that goes wrong. Or I wanted to put on thighs and all of them had a hole in them or I lost my bicycle keys. Get my problem? :p Maybe one day I’ll be able to do this one (a) :p

3. More OOTD’s
The last month I’ve published four outfits, which is kind of really good for me :p With the exams that are coming, I don’t know if I’ll be able to publish a lot, we’ll just see how things go (: But I’m glad I am/was improving on this one. 

Even though my dreams didn’t come out as well as I wished them to do, I’m still happy about the results. Thanks to my dream about practicing sports from two months ago, I started the sports sessions with some friends and I did not give up after two visits. I’m still improving on the blogging things, which you for example could see at the OOTD’s: even though the setting is not as I would want it to be, I still take pictures because I want to show them to you. 

With every dream this picture becomes more true:


Now something more on my dreams of December. Since this month will be loaded with exam preparation, I won’t be able to think about my dreams at all, so I won’t set up any dreams to prevent me from ignoring them afterwards. It will be much quieter around here from now on till February 🙁
Do you have any dreams? Or do you already have some set for the new year?
xo Noor

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