Wednesday Evening The Body Shop organised its yearly VIP Night. Since a friend of mine and I love that shop, we just HAD to go 😀 It was a lovely evening, with some little sweets, a drink for all, the ability to get a make up makeover and -50% on the second item. This is what I came home with:

Clothes & Dreams: #Event: The Body Shop VIP Night hand cream and lip stick

First I’ll show you the big tube:
Almond hand and nail cream. What it’s for? According to The Body Shop it “moisturises hands and conditions nails. With sweet almond oil and Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil.” Looking good to me! My hands ánd nails could get a little treatment, so hopefully this cream will help them 😀
Normally I was going to buy the little version, with only one third in it, but the lovely cashier said that there was a promotion going on and the bigger one, this one, was on discount and would only cost seven euros. Umm well, *singing* give it to me baby, aha aha 😀

Then I’ve also bought my first The Body Shop lipstick and I’ve fallen in love! 
I’ve never been really fond of lipstick since I can’t but think at people wearing flashing bright red lipstick and I’m not ready for that. But then I saw this gorgeous neutral pink one. My friend loves their lipstick and I decided to try this one on. The texture is really nice according to me (remember: I’m a lipstick noob :p) and the colour is perfect for getting used to the using of lipstick. And instead of 12 euros I only paid 6. Gotta love that too 😀

I just love The Body Shop; they have the BEST lipbalms EVER. When the Honeymania line came out, I decided to pick up a body butter from that range and buy my cacao butter lipbalm again, but -shock!!- the lipbalms weren’t there! The cashier then told me that they would no longer produce those, and seriously, I was down. I’ve been thinking about my dear lipbalm for weeks, and when one day I passed the shop and thought “well, I’ll just enter and see if there’s anything special” they had arrived again! 😀 I was extremely happy and decided to buy three of them :p Their other products are always fine too; every season I get at least one piece of their collections.
Something completely else now: I won’t be updating my blog for this weekend. I have another weekend with friends so I simply won’t have time. See you after the weekend!

BTW, what do you think about my acquisitions? 😀

xo Noor

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