I completely forgot about this the last five days… There was a lazy weekend at home, which doesn’t really makes me think about practising sport or cooking, and, as usual, school work. But now that I’m back in my school rhythm with studying, cooking, seeing friends and studying some more, I’m ready to face my goals for this month.

I can do it! 

 So here we go:

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
Should be possible because I’m going to sports activities organised by the university, but still: I have to keep this in mind, otherwise I would forget about it :p

2. Rush less.
I aaaalways have to rush out of my apartment when going somewhere, whether it’s going to school, to friends or to the train station. I want to make sure I’ve got at least a minute more to make sure that I don’t forget things and that I can properly put in my contact lenses. Since I got new glasses which I really adore, I tend to leave my contacts out more because those 30 seconds can be of major importance when catching a train.

3. More OOTD’s
This might be difficult: I hate the background of nearly all of my outfit pics, but I don’t have someone who is willing enough to go somewhere to take them. Boyfriend is studying the whole time and I can’t bother my friends the whole time… So you’ll have to stick a little more with the ugly background I guess :p

And that’s it for now actually. I’m not in the mood to think about new goals since -wow, this is a huuuge surprise!- I have to study again. I remembered this in a study break moment and wanted to write this down as fast a possible, but maybe I’ll add some more later on. You’ll see (;
Do you have any dreams/goals for this month/year?

xo Noor

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