I’m so happy because I kind of succeeded in most of my dreams this month! 😀 HAPPY FACE! 😀
(Even though I’m late and thus not that much succeeding in dream number five, but still: happy face!)
 These were my dreams/goals of October and how they ended:

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
I’M DOING THIS FOR REAL NOW! 😀 Like, normally, if I would go running, I would go once and that’s it. But I’ve finally found some friends who like going to the different sports classes organised by the university and so far I’ve gone at least once a week, normally even twice a week! 😀 I have no idea until when I’ll be able to do this, because they take a break some time before the start of the exams, but until that break I’ll try to go at least once a week 😀 And it’s extremely fun 😀 I’ve already done two types of aerobics, zumba, BBB (breast, legs, belly :p ) and condition training (running a loooot and doing some activities in between, such as sit-ups etc) 😀

2. Eat healthier, a.k.a. no more fastfood when you have time to cook yourself.
Finally a class is finished, so now I’ll be able to cook two times more in each week 😀 Normally I could only cook three times a week (two times on Tuesday ==> once and eating leftovers in the evening, and once on Wednesday, but now I’ll be able to cook moooore! :D)
I really like cooking, but if time’s not on your side, it’s getting difficult :p

3. Don’t buy too much nail polish. (a.k.a. one colour a week)
O. M. G. I’ve only bought one nail polish. ONE (1). I can’t believe it myself. Me, who bought every colour there was in the shops. Me, who had a contract because the addiction was running out of hand. (Read more about that here) That girl has only bought one polish in the month she could finally buy them again. Incredibly! (BTW, you can see the extraordinary beautiful polish I bought in this NOTD-post 😀 ) This dream is going extremely well 😀

4. Get funky with those nail arts again! 
I’m succeeding in this one too! 😀 Want some proof? I’ve made two-toned nails, craaazy experiments, a summerish look in Autumn, and something that looked like Mondriaan had painted them on my hands 😀

5. Make a 10-days-update of my goals, so I don’t forget them by the middle of the month. 
I’m a little late with this one, but the days have been busy and family-filled.

I’ll be showing you my dreams for November tomorrow, so stay tuned!
xo Noor

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