As you could read in my dreams of October, I want to get funky with my nail arts again 😀 This weekend I browsed a little on the internet and found a nice, two-toned nail art. 
It turned out to be a little harder than I expected, since I didn’t read any instructions on other blogs or even thought about the nail art before putting him on my nails, but I learned some things to keep in mind when doing similar nail arts. 

This is the result of an afternoon watching series while painting my nails this way:

Clothes & Dreams: Two-toned nails
Catrice 540 Am I Blue Or Green?, Catrice 210 Just Married, Light In The Box striping tape.

Two things I’ve learned: 

– When putting on normal tape to make the first colour, start with the side closest to the nail, so farthest from the nail tip. I didn’t do this, and as a result the pink part is a little bit bubbly because I couldn’t wipe off the nail polish that was too much on the brush over the nail tip, as I usually would do. (I have no idea how to say this in a better way, sorry :p It’s like when you paint your nails you don’t simply stop at the end of the nail, but you end somewhere in the air so there’s only part of the nail polish on the nail…) When placing tape, you can easily wipe off the nail polish on the tape. 
– When putting on tape, don’t start with taping your left hand fingers if you’re right handed. I’ve ended up with tape in my hair because I got so clumsy with the tape around the fingers of my “good” hand :p

So, what do you think about the nail art? 😀 Did I take a good nail art restart? 😀

xo Noor

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