Yesterday I had a lot of fun with my nails: I decided to do an experiment, which turned out to be more difficult than I thought, so I decided to make some other experiments on my nails.
These are the colours I’ve used:
Clothes & Dreams: I've got my hands full with experiments nail polish
Catrice 470 Snow Motion!, Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, Catrice 400 Blue Cara Ciao, Ana Hickmann MarΓ© 
Catrice 240 Sold Out For Ever, Essence nail art special effect topper 03 hello holo, Essence nail art special effect topper 08 night in vegas.

A lot of colours, isn’t it? Got you interested? πŸ˜€

Well then, these experiments are what I made with these awesome colours:

Clothes & Dreams: I've got my hands full with experiments nail arts

I started out with a white base, because I wanted to do every single nail as I’ve done experiment number 2. I just couldn’t get it as I wanted and after an hour of trying I ended up with this one nail painted and the other nine nails white, so I decided to do some other experiments on those other nine nails and this is the result πŸ˜€

Some explanation of the nail arts, starting with the left hand:
1. I made this one with freehand. Some blue stripes with a stripe of holographic grey, so really easy if you have quite a steady hand.
2. As I mentioned before, I tried to do this one on all my nails, but I didn’t succeed. This doesn’t really mean that it is a difficult one, it’s more that I have this picture in my head how it should be and I just couldn’t realise that picture, unfortunately. Without that picture in my head I think this one is not that bad, and quite easy too: take three colours (light blue, dark blue and pink) and a small brush and just draw some stripes. This goes best if you first draw a stripe on a paper or something, so it gets more hazy. 
3. For this one you need a dotting pen or the back of a bobby pin and you put dots. 
4. Raaoooor! Leopard print, indeed! Also made with a dotting pen, but you may as well use the back of a bobby pin (:
5. Starting with a white basic layer, then laying some striping tape on it, then taking a little sponge and make a gradient. Easy peasy lemon squeezy πŸ˜€

So far for the left hand, now some explanation for the right hand πŸ˜€
6. Freehanded layering each time with a darker colour. Really easy, and it could look more professional if you would use some cut tape. 
7. I’ve left this one white. I got too lazy :p
8. A gradient of dots. I started out too big with the brightest blue polish, but the result is still quite good, I think :p
9. Raaooor-ing again! (See number 4 (; )
10. A simple two-colour gradient, made from a white base and then only a dark blue “gradienting” colour πŸ˜€

Which one is your favourite? πŸ˜€

xo Noor

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2 thoughts on “NOTD: I’ve got my hands full with experiments”

  1. Haha well that's a way to deal with it too! I just try to make it look like it doesn't suck, even though I don't like the result that much :p


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