I’ve went to art classes between the ages of 8 and 18. 3 hours a week I sat there, doing the arty stuff my teacher told me to do, and I liked it a lot. At university I had a class about art history, and it was so incredibly boring. If you imagine a really boring art history class, well then, double the boringness. I didn’t take that exam. Twice. The following year we had a new professor and wow, what a difference! He was AWESOME! Everything he told was so interesting and told in an enthusiastic way. I don’t get the few people that didn’t like his class. ¬¬
When deciding on what I was gonna paint this time, I got a little arty again. Ever heard of the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan? Abstract paintings in a neoplasticistic style, with multiple colours and divisions in sections. I loved those paintings. And they were also the inspiration for my nail art.

I used the following equipment:

Clothes & Dreams: Arty-farty Mondriaan-ish nail polishes that I used
CiatΓ©, Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, Barry M’s Nail art pen and Ana Hickmann’s MarΓ©

I’m missing yellow to copy his style a little more, but you can see this as a free interpretation (;

This nail art wasn’t actually that much work, I’ve kind of free handed it, which also makes it a little sloppy, but I really liked the result πŸ˜€ + e-ve-ry-bo-dy is asking me where I got my nails done, muhaha!

Clothes & Dreams: Arty-farty Mondriaan-ish Nail art

I decided not to cover all parts of my nails, as this actually makes it that more interesting and odd. I’ll certainly do this one again since it’s an easy one and you can put a lot of variation in it.
So, do you like the result as much as I do? πŸ˜€

xo Noor

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